Pieces Of My Heart♥


ohh yeahh! speaking of skits… Here was mine! ^__^

there were A LOT of different groups and skits. My group got picked and ours was the LONGEST skit ever! it was suppose to be like 5-7 minutes. not 9. LOL! but heyy we got the song and well got everyone pumped up! yayyys!

and the jerks was my favorite part! ohh and if you’re wondering… i was one of Job’s kid that died because of chipotle. ahh what chipotle can do to people. LOL! :P 

p.s. we redid the book Job. ahh he’s such a righteous man. i wish to be more like him! Job’s awesomeee :) 

ohh and p.s.s. the singers were our counselors. mine was gerald stroud. he’s a rapper. super awesomeee! he and christy wrote the song too! 

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